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Jun 08 ,2017 Writen By: Jolly Pharma India

Triglycerides & How to Lower High Triglycerides Levels

Triglycerides store fat that your body can use for energy. They are important to life and are main form of fat. They also known as  “lipids”. Jolly Fat Go Maintain Triglycerides and lower down high triglycerides level naturally.

Triglycerides are esters which are thederivatives of glycerol and 3 fatty acids. They are the major constituents of fat in humans and animals. They are also present in the blood, where they account for the bidirectional transportation of adipose tissue.


When we eat, our body converts food into calories. Most of these calories are used up for the energy requirements of our cells. But calories left unused are converted into triglycerides and are stored in the fat cells.


Between meals, these triglycerides are released by hormones into our blood, and are used by the body for its energy requirements when no immediate food is available in the gut. Thus triglycerides play a very crucial role in human metabolism.


If we constantly eat high calorie foods while leading a sedentary lifestyle, the levels of triglycerides in our blood become higher than normal. Obesity, poorly controlled diabetes, kidney diseases, too much alcohol, certain medicines like tamoxifen, steroids and birth control pills, an underactive thyroid are some other causes of high triglycerides in the blood.


Although such a condition produces no immediate symptoms, in the long run high triglycerides levels in the blood can lead to heart diseases and even stroke. Thus it is absolutely essential, health wise, to maintain proper triglyceride levels in the blood.


150 mg/dl or less is the normal range for triglyceride levels in the blood, well anything higher than 200 mg/dl puts the health at risk.


Jolly Fat Go Slimming Oil

Here at Jolly Health Care, we offer our clients with Anti Cellulite Oil that is manufactured using natural ingredients that helps in reducing fat . That helps in tightening of Slack Tissues, Detoxifies the body & prevent the storage of triglycerides. This oil is packed in 120ml. plastic bottle to ensure its safe delivery. Moreover, this oil is appreciated by our clients for its high effectiveness and lasting results.

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