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Mar 05 ,2018 Writen By: Jolly Pharma India

How Green Tea Boosts Your Brain Power and Working Memory

Jolly organic green tea is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients.These include improved brain power, fat loss, lower risk of cancer and many other benefits

Green Tea for Memory and Focus:

There is nothing better than a freshly brewed cup of green tea!! You have your doubts, try drinking three cups of green tea for a week and the effects will be evident. A cup of green tea has much more to deliver than you think and the scientists are still discovering many beneficial aspects of this concoction every other day. A recent research has suggested a great addition to the list of health benefits of green tea. The study states that green tea is effective in maintaining higher brain power and also comes handy in treating & preventing cognitive impairments such as dementia.



After the successful discovery of the active role of Green Tea in cancer prevention, Scientists have thoroughly worked on analyzing the effects Green Tea on a human brain. While various studies suggested that Green tea boosts the brain power, especially your working memory, the neural mechanism boosting this function is still to be understood.


Green Tea for Better Memory:

A team of scientists asserted that drinking green tea improves the connectivity of brain cells. In layman’s language, the scientists discover how one part of the brain wields with the other and thus impact the brain power. The subjects to the study showcased better working memory function after Green Tea extracts were introduced to them.


How Green Tea become miraculous for your working memory?


How Green Tea Boosts Your Brain Power, especially your Working Memory



It will be apt to if we refer green tea as a health drink. The many studies conducted on its effects, over the time, suggests that the beverage has a lot to offer. This includes advanced metabolism, amplified comfort of weight loss, enhanced heart health, lower cancer risk, stronger immunity and the recent addition- enhanced brain power. All these benefits come from the powerful blend of anti-oxidants, catechins and other bioactive compounds present in Green Tea.


Jolly Organic Green Tea- Quality with benefits

At Jolly Health Care, we bring you the finest of Green tea. The richness and freshness of our Jolly Organic Green Tea know no bound. Procured from the rich tea estates of Himalayas, our green tea has the perfect blend to offer you a range of health benefits along with freshness & relief. For enhanced taste, Jolly Organic Green Tea is available in two amazing flavors- Tulsi & Lemon. Order now & foster a better working memory.

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