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Jun 07 ,2017 Writen By: Jolly Pharma India

Different Types of Body Fat : Good and Bad

There are generally two types of fat storage : visceral (surrounding internal organs) subcutaneous (beneath the skin - about 80% of all body fat). When we understand our body type only then we can able to reduce fat. jolly fat go helps to reduce bad kind of body fat.

Human beings store fat cells in the form of adipose tissue. When we hear the word fat, we immediately picture obesity. Popping beer bellies, thick ungainly thighs, they all come to mind. But technically, not all fat is bad or causes obesity.


The good kind of fat 

Each one of us requires some amount of essential fat in our body, for its proper functioning. The percentage of this essential fat in men is 2-5%, while in women it is 10-13%. Women require greater body fat due to demands of childbearing and other hormonal functions.


Two Types of Essential Fat is Found in Human Beings.

  • Brown Fat - This fat is stored in the body in the form of brown adipose tissues. This is the good fat that converts food into calories. When stimulated, this fat produces heat that burns away the bad kind of fat. The percentage of this fat is higher in children as compared to adults.


  • White Fat - Our body stores its energy reserves in the form of white fat. Moreover this fat produces hormones that are essential for the metabolic functions of the body.


The Bad kind of fat

This is the excess, unwanted fat that we gain on top of our essential fat due to bad lifestyle habits, excessive eating, lack of exercise etc.


Two types of excess fat is found in human beings.

  • Subcutaneous fat - This is the fat that is stored directly under the skin, and causes obesity. It can be found on the abdomen, thighs, upper shoulders, buttocks, underneath the knees. This type of fat is quite dangerous as it inhibits the hormonal functions of the body, leading to diseases like high cholesterol, diabetes and dementia. In subcutaneous fat, belly fat is the most dangerous, since a large belly always points to the presence of Visceral fat.


  • Visceral fat - This is the excess fat that gets stored around our internal organs. This type of fat can be fatal, since it can inhibit the normal functioning of the organs.


Thus when we say we want to shed fat, it is the subcutaneous and the visceral fat that we’re talking about.


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