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Mar 03 ,2018 Writen By: Jolly Pharma India

Why Everyone Should Drink Green Tea

A large observational study found that health benefits of a cup of green tea is high in antioxidants that can improve the function of your Body and Brain.

A Cup of Green Tea Daily:

The fame of Green Tea knows no bounds. After all, Cup of Green tea is perhaps the healthiest variety of teas known to mankind. While tea has been a global & most natural drink for hundreds of years, green tea saw the limelight recently. However, the short introduction to this incredible drink was enough to make it every one's favorite tea for a variety of reasons. If you aren’t a tea drinker already, you will develop this healthy habit once you are done with this article.


Why Green Tea?

If you are wondering why Green tea is such a favored health drink, the answer rests with the many benefits it has to offer. Besides a delicious flavor and magical aroma, the tea encapsulated a range of health paybacks. Primarily known for its cancer preventive properties, Green tea is the richest source of anti-oxidants. Let us learn about its benefits in detail:


jolly green tea



Reduced risks of certain types of cancer:

After in-depth researches in renowned labs across the world, it has been concluded that Green Tea has abilities to constrain the growth of malign cell and thus, is a preventive measure for a number of cancers including esophageal cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer and cervical cancer.


Aids in reducing Bad Cholesterol levels:

It is also tested and approved that Green Tea has ability to control bad cholesterol or LDL Cholesterol in a human body. This ability is further extended for preventing heart disease. A study performed on the French lifestyle, which is reported rich in fatty food and smoking, asserts that green tea is a preventive measure for heart diseases.


Miraculous for diet, skin & teeth:

The complete package, Green tea is not only helpful for losing weight while on a dieting program but, it also aids in fostering whiter teeth and glowing skin. Green Tea also kills bacteria causing you bad breath smell problems.



Jolly Organic Green Tea:

At Jolly Health Care, we bring you the best & the healthiest variety of Green Teas. Available in two refreshing flavors- Lemon and Tulsi, the Jolly Organic Green Tea offers a rich supply of EGCG antioxidant. Cultivated and handpicked from the farms in the Himalayas, the green tea has a perfect balance of taste and benefits. The benefits here are enhanced further when the richness of green tea is combined with the medicinal properties of Lemon and Tulsi. Thus, with every cup of freshly brewed Green Tea, you relish taste, freshness and a score of health benefits.

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